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A Regular Cup of Joe Schmo

2004-04-21 @ 10:47 p.m.

A Regular Cup of Joe Schmo

So there is this commercial that is being highly rotated for life insurance in this area. I'm not sure if it's national or not. It features two men discussing their life insurance policies. They are sitting in some sort of den, (does anyone even use their 'den'?) drinking coffee and reaffirming they're heterosexuality.

So for some reason, their topic of discussion turns to how much they pay for life insurance. Because I'm sure that is what 'mature adults' do all the time. I wouldn't know of course, because I don't drink coffee.

Oh yeah, because they are very obvious about the fact that they are drinking coffee. Because somehow, drinking coffee, in coffee mugs, equates to maturity and knowledge. What bothers me is this guy apparently takes this cup of coffee everywhere he goes.

You spot him driving down 495, steering with one hand, holding that same coffee cup obnoxiously close to his face, smirking. Because dear God, we have to know that he is drinking it.

Sitting on the john, drinking coffee. (which makes sense, being all the coffee he's consuming.)

Not only does he face long-term caffeine addiction and the runs, his wife leaves him because he refuses to put the mug down when they're makin' babies. He stares at himself in the mirror and winks reassuring himself how cool he is because he drinks coffee. And not the fluffy girly ones they make at Starbucks either. NO, no..."Mature Brew' only comes in mugs

Here's my proof if you don't believe me:

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