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2006-04-26 @ 11:15 a.m.

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The above sentence is my keyboard interpretation of my current frustration. So apparently I was misinformed when I thought I was getting my teeth fixed on Monday. What they did manage to do was successfully elevate my chickie legs status to beaver and/or rabbit. They filed down my two front teeth and then put on a 'temporary' cover/fake teeth. And by 'temporary' I mean 'it falls off every five minutes'.
I foresee this being an issue at work. "Hello, nice to mefff uuu, oh sorry my teeth just fell off. Excuse me while I get my denture cream and put them back on".

I'm afraid to eat anything, in fear of these stupid things falling off. If anything good comes out of this (other than ultimately having nice teeth) is that I might lose a few pounds and get to eat a little bit more ice cream. But who am I kidding, I already eat an insane amount, but at least it's quasi justified? And everytime they do fall off I have this crappy 'cement' to put it back on with. Except everytime I do that there is an increasingly larger layer of old cement, which causes my teeth to increasingly protrude from my mouth. Hence my my co-workers have given me a new nickname of Beth the Bucky Beaver. Oh fun!!
So now I have to wait two whole weeks until I get the real ones. I know things could be worse, but this has become quite annoying and embarrassing. If I decide to keep the temporary off (which I might just end up doing) what is revealed are two smaller front teeth that are MUCH darker than the others.

So basically I have to decide if I want to look like a hillbilly or an 98 year old woman.

I must choose wisely.

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