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The Cunning Linguist Has Met His Match!

2004-04-27 @ 10:48 p.m.

The Cunning Linguist Has Met His Match

In one of my favorite films, "Donnie Darko", the Drew Veryannoying character says that a famous linguist once said that of all the endless combinations of all the words in the English language, that 'Cellar Door' was the most beautiful.

I'm sorry Mrs. Leno, but I have to disagree. The most beautiful combination of words, is 'You're all set to move-in May 8."

Oh hells yeah.

This chickie-leg is leaving the family farm to make a nest of her own. Man these third-person chicken references are getting tired.

So yeah, I signed a lease today to move out, and get my own DEluxe apartment in the sky. 7th floor of the sky, to be exact. It's only 2.5 miles from work, rather than the 30 current miles. It's a pretty large ROOM, (yes it's studio) for just $790/mo. I know you are thinking that's a recockulous amount of money for one room, BUT remember I live in the DC metro area, and I get to see the Potomac River from my window. Plus that includes ALL utilities. Even though I put up a pretty decent argument that 'utilities' aught to include internet and cable, because I will 'use' those more often that the water and heat. Being that I don't believe in the whole 'shower' thing. But they didn't seem to be on my same line of thinking. They are clearly not addicted to checking their 6 different emails everyday, from 6 different accounts....not that I do that, but I'm just saying, they clearly don't do that.

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