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New Template..again..

2005-07-26 @ 8:50 p.m.

Okay so I'm a complete idiot and accidently deleted my template..or at least the part that I forget how to do offhand...so for now ignore the crappiness. ARGHHHHH

Update: I reduced the size of the image map as Josh suggested. The left indent on the image was intentional, believe it or not. And I'm slowly adding the other stuff.... In other news Angel and I have installed new and exciting punching games in the car. What was now just 'punch buggy white' followed by a quick punch in the arm, has been joined by 'PT Poke' and 'Mini-Coop Slap'. So pretty much the entire time we are in the car together we are pinching, poking and punching the crap out of each other. We're the human versions of that bop-it game. Except not quite as annoying. Work has been going well. I'm anxiously awaiting when I can completely move into 'my office'. That's such a weird concept. I've never had my own office. Even though it's technically called 'Avid 2', it still comes up as 'Beth' on the caller ID when I call someone in the building. Hopefully in the next month I can get rid of the stuff from the previous occupant and can start re-decorating. Ideas are welcome. I want to re-paint it since I can't paint my apartment. I'm thinking retro stripes with a perspective drawing of some sort....Although I'm sure they won't be too thrilled about that once clients come in and see aliens flying around my walls with a giant ice cream cone on a roller coaster for no reason whatsoever. As always these ideas will probably never end up coming to fruition. However, Angel and I WILL finish the robot. We had a little 'discussion' last night about how it will be made. Since it is my apartment I think I should have the final say, but he seems to mistakingly think that it is his robot and it is merely staying over at my place. If that is the case, I expect it to pay rent. Or at least make robot-ice cream and feed it to me while I watch tv.

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