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A Patchwork of Memories

2004-08-18 @ 12:13 a.m.

Patchwork of Memories

So today is my 'little' brothers' 22nd birthday. Man that sounds so weird saying that. My brother is 22 today. God, that's SO INSANE YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I'm sure you all have memorized these trivial facts before, but I am the middle of three. Patch being the youngest. Anyhoo, did I mention how crazy it is that he's 22 today?

So in honor of his ridiculous, unfathomable 22nd birthday, I am going to share a few memories ala Patchie-Poo. (even though he never reads this)

I remember the day he was born, August 18th 1982 (for those of you who can't seem to subtract 22). I was a mere 3 1/2, but I remember trying to peek over the ledge into the nursery. I knew my mother was still in her room because she had to have him surgically removed. He was a whopping 30 lbs. He looked like he was 4 when he came out. Doctors scrambled, trying to find Guinness. (the beer, not the record verifiiers) It was a long delivery, and damn they were thirsty.

Anyway, Patch was a cute kid. Note the word 'was'. He had the whitest, fluffiest, whitest hair you could imagine. In fact, you could say that it could be accurately represented in this picture:

I remember sucking my two middle fingers on my right hand whilst forming his snowy locks into a make-shift mohawk. Then I would smell his hair. Yes, I know I was a weird child. (And yes, the word 'was' isn't entirely correct in this case)

As he got older, he became more of a nuisance to young chickie-legs. I don't think I intentionally tried to hurt his feelings, but it always seemed to come out that way. I was your typical older sister trying to get attention from the 'baby in the family'. It's one of the things I most regret to this day. Starting tomorrow, that's going to end.


When I was in elementary school I remember looking forward to being allowed to take band in the fifth grade. This is because I wanted to play drums so badly that I would tap on any and everything in the house. I consequently played drums all through elementary, jr high, high school and college. And for some reason this sparked Patch to play too. I'd like to say it's because I was so awesome, because well, that's the truth.

This is Patch and I at my 1997 high school graduation.

This is Patch and Amy's beautiful daughter Cam-Cam.

Needless to say Patch is the most awesomer of drummers in the Legs clan now. He far surpassed me and is transferring to Berklee school of music in Boston this fall. I have always likened myself to be his biggest fan, as I am very proud of him.

But of course Patch and I haven't always see 'eye to eye'. (I did mention that he's a towering 6'4", right?) We don't always get along, but we do share the same odd-sarcastic sense of humor and distaste for all things ignorant-related. We are both passionate about certiain things. Me: working hard and saving money. Him: spending money and hardly working. (remember he doesn't read this) Suffice to say I am very proud of him and I wish him the best of luck this Fall in Boston. I know how talented he is, and determined to succeed, so now that he is 22, he should be able to achieve that.

Anyway, love you Bud, and Happy Frickin' 22nd Birthday!


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