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School sucks, this is not a funny entry...

2003-08-21 @ 9:34 p.m.

What's up goobers. Today has been a rough day. I am trying to graduate from college this December. But I found out TODAY that I have to take a 'synthesis' course. I am already registered for my classes. I already paid. I cannot afford schedule wise, or financially another class. How can they all the sudden make another class a requirement at the last minute? They even admit they just put it on there. What kind of crap is that? Plus I have to deal with my foreign language requirement. I have a year of sign language, but I need another year, or test out of it saying that I know enough to equal two years. Which I really don't. It's been four years since I even took ASL.

Bottom line: I'm screwed and I'm not happy about it. This is now my 7th year of college. I just want it to be finished!!! I've worked my ass off toget this far, I can't just quit now. This is so frustrating. Mike is graduating this fall too, I can't prolong it another semester. I'm gonna have to take a class at the community college as well as the university just to get this crap done. There goes my 'easy last semester'!!

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