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Easter recap

2007-04-09 @ 1:41 p.m.

So I had a pretty good Easter. Except for the devastating lack of Easter basket this year. My mom ignorantly keeps insisting that '28 is too old for Easter baskets'. For which I replied with 'you don't love me, do you?' You are never too old to receive free chocolate and shredded paper- that The Professor of Cuteness would probably choke on, which would then cause several, if not many clumps of shredded paper/hairball/puke piles all over the house. Nevertheless, Easter candy is officially on sale now, so I will be purchasing a plethora, nay a shitload of candy come today, if not now. So even though I have to buy the candy myself this year, do not fret for I will not go candyless this Keester.

Anyway here is a funny picture albeit a day late:

Hope you all had an awesome Easter!

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