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Good Job!

2004-03-05 @ 2:29 p.m.

Good Jorb!



I am to start at 9 am on Monday, for 'training'. I love how I have to train to be a receptionist, but that's alright, they said it'll be like 15 lines or something crazy. To be honest, I really hate answering phones, but then again I dont know anyone who doesn't. So next week is a 'trial week' to see if I know how to use a phone, apparently.

They must be really picky people. Which is fine. They said people grow in the company very quickly so I'm excited. I'm currently working on my demo reel so I'm excited about maybe showing it to their production people just for a critique anyway. In the past two days I made a trailer for one of my old projects. I figured the trailer looks better than the actual project, I think it came out well.

I am also currently working on my new website, where I will have some of my demo, so all of you goobers can finally see all the video crap I talk about all the time.

Anyway that's all for now, now it's time for yet another Ice Cream Celebration! (hopefully these I.C.C.'s won't keep happening too frequently, or I won't be able to fit into my ONE SUIT for work. Speaking of which, I should probably not pull a Marge Simpson, and actually buy more than one suit....

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