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Bellie Bites

2009-07-20 @ 4:48 p.m.

Isabel bit my shoulder last night. It really hurt, but she thought she was giving me a kiss, so it's ok.

Other than gnawing my skin off one tiny bite at a time, her new favorite thing is saying 'hi' to everything. She says hi to me the second I walk in the door. She says 'hi' to the cat, 'hi' to the couch, 'hi' to her baby doll, 'hi' to me again, 'hi' to Angel, 'hi' to the floor. You get the idea. It's pretty much the cutest fucking thing ever.

She hasn't conquered 'mama' yet, though. 'Daddy' has become 'Daa-ee'. Which I am totally jealous of...however Daa-ee never gets love bites, so I think it evens out. I'm clearly her favorite.

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