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Twas the day after Christmas

2004-12-27 @ 1:13 a.m.

Twas the Day After Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the Legs' home,
all the creatures were stirring, and yet I felt alone.
My stocking lay on the ground, its' contents unloaded.
Gift certificates, cash, candy and a wallet.

Spoiled as usual, too many gifts to number,
But where was a man? It really made me wonder,
Am I too picky? Will I ever settle down?
Where's my true love? Will he ever be found?

It really doesn't matter, because I know in the end,
God will show me him, and I won't have to bend.

But until that day, while the mistletoe grows dust,
I'm focusing on my career; Hollywood or bust!

With the new year comes new hope,
My resolution is to not be such a dope,
Be grateful for what I have, give unto others,
Family, friends and ice cream, this is what matters.

Especially the ice cream...(please take note.)
My birthday is coming soon, I prefer a root beer float.
(Well actually I don't, but nothing rhymes with note.)
(Except for maybe boat, gloat or a castle's moat.)

Anyway, here's what I hope for 'two-thousand-and-five',
Take chances, have fun, be kind to others and you'll feel alive!
So to my beloved Chickie-Legs readers, please remember this:
January 19th, size medium shirt, and read my updated wish list!

-Author Unknown

p.s. boys suck.

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