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New Year's goals

2004-12-31 @ 3:51 a.m.

Year in Review

As usual with the New Year comes New Year's Lists and New Year's Resolutions. Of course this year is no different. As I look back on 2004, I see such growth in myself. And by 'growth' I mean 'my belly is larger than it was'. (You see I have had quite a number of 'Ice Cream Celebrations'.)
These 'celebrations' have been in honor of the many personal events of this year. My first 'real' job, first apartment, quasi-graduating from college, partcipating in several video shoots and forming many new friendships through work. My family has also had quite a year. My parents finally sold my childhood home and moved into their 'dream' house. My brother finally transferred to his 'dream' school, my dad quit his job of 20 years and started his own company at the tender age of 57 and my sister began her journey into purchasing her dream; her very own house.
And now comes 2005. I am very anxious for this year, for I am really looking forward to really starting my life. I have been single through the majority of 2004..which has been good and bad, but I do look forward to someday finding 'the one'. My first goal is to be promoted from receptionist to assistant editor. I was told last week that this might happen very soon. (I'll keep you posted). My second goal is to officially finish college. After 8 years, I think it is about time. My third goal is to move out of my studio apartment and move into a bigger, one bedroom with a view of the monuments. Fourth is to go out more, meet new like-minded people and attend church on a regular basis. And lastly, the obligatory lose weight goal. I really hate how much weight I have gained in the past two years. I can't belive I joined a gym three months ago and haven't gone once. Well actually, I do believe it, as I figured this is what would happen. My goal is to lose 30 lbs.
Anyway, this entry is not really funny or poignant, just more of a record of what I hope to accomplish next year. I think it's a good idea for everybody to do this, as well as reflect on this year and be grateful for what has happened, be it small or seemingly insignificant. Everything that has occurred in my life has brought me to right now. Some things I regret, but in the end wouldn't change because it means my life would be different, and I wouldn't have had the experiences that have made me the person I am now.
So that's about it, I guess. I hope to come back to this entry a year from now and 'check off' every single one of my goals and be able to add some new ones that I wasn't expecting.
Have a safe New Year's everybody, and save some Cristal for me...unfortunately this year I can only afford Crystal Light.

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