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Dr. Hardcrab - 2004-12-31 08:20:46
In the coming year, I hope you reach all of your goals that you have set in your resolutions, but even if you do not, just remember: The most important thing is that you are happy with yourself. All of those other things will take care of themselves. BTW, do you have Paypal? I'll send you some bucks for the bottle of Cristal if you'd like..... ;-]
Carolyn - 2004-12-31 11:35:48
Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy your entries, whether they're happy, ranting or indifferent!Happy 2005!
invisibledon - 2004-12-31 11:43:18
Happy 05
Ricky - 2004-12-31 13:49:54
You know what's really sad? I had to look up what "cristol" was on the internet. That's how very unsophisticated I am. Apparantly it's like Champagne or something. Cool. I always learn something knew everytime I visit you Ms. Legs. Merry New Year.
cloudy - 2004-12-31 13:52:30
Robert - 2005-01-01 06:00:01
Happy new Year Legs O' Chickie!!!!! You are always a pleasure to read . May the new year bless you in ways you cannot imagine.
Bill - 2005-01-02 04:46:04
Happy New Year! Greetings from Manila! I agree with not changing anything that you have done... It makes you who you are. I hope all is going well. Talk to you soon!
Ricky - 2005-01-02 20:31:56
Heya. Thanks for the nice words. Your way to kind to me.... you always are. And just for the record, DC doesn't sound too bad these days ....... you know, except for the billions of people and crowded roads and politicians ...... but it seems the nicest girls come form there .... Yeah, ok. I'll shush now.
hlly - 2005-01-03 13:50:44
another year, another check mark...and wrinkles and grays...and sagging boobs...
hlly - 2005-01-03 13:56:22
...and aching joints...jointritus here i come...and btw, you've attained some huge life changing things this past year (that even i have struggled w/for the past decade)...you're on the right track...you WILL get there!!!

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