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Rubber band woman

2004-10-07 @ 11:46 p.m.

dog days what what

Work has been very stressful lately, which isn't really helping the 'mood' as of late. Every now and then I try to amuse myself and (hopefully) others by my 'crazy' antics at work. Being that a big part of my tedious job is to notify employees of recieved packages via email upon arrival. I pretty much say the same thing every time:
Hi, Bob you have a package/box/envelope here from ups/fedex/usps, it is from Yo Mama at Disneyworld..etc etc.
So I have installed "Haiku Tuesday", where every email will be in haiku form:

You have a package,
it's from the Pottery Barn
Please pick it up now.

Then people get annoyed because they don't even know what a haiku is.

So I tried mad-lib Thursdays:

Dear Sarah, you have a (noun) from (pro-noun). It is on my (adjective) (noun). Please (verb) over here and (verb) it up. It is inside of a (noun).
(sexy name)

I have even sculpted a rubber band ball into a teddy bear.

Here it is chilling on my wall-mounted Deluxe 5000 model A/C in my apartment. I think he got bit by a dog and got rabies....either that or I ran out of regular rubberbands for his eyes....

p.s. have a nice Columbus Day weekend! Even though I have to work Monday!

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