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Big Day

2006-04-24 @ 10:45 a.m.

So today is a pretty big day for me. I am finally getting my teeth fixed. 19 years ago I fell off my bike and chipped my two front teeth. My dentist put in 'temporary' bonding that was only supposed to last a few years. 10 years later one of them fell off. 12 years later I had to get three root canals because the impact of the fall had taken that long to cause a massive infection in my teeth. And now 19 years later I finally have enough credit where I can spend $1500 to get veneers. My only fear (aside from the pain) is that they will look really really fake. Ala 'There's Something About Mary'.
So please say a little prayer for me around 3pm today as I finalize a trauma almost two decades old.

And yes, I realize this entry was way too dramatic, but it IS a big deal to me.
And tomorrow I'm having an apple for lunch, for the first time since I was 9.

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