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yet another music video

2005-06-14 @ 9:35 a.m.

We worked on yet another music video this weekend, although I was only there on Saturday. Now that I have a digital camera, I can include photos that I took for once. Since I'm at work right now, I can't do that. So I'm just teasing you all with the idea of these pictures. But we pretty much just shot stuff around Old Town, on the river and then the nearby Fair. Basically I didn't do anything.
So later today I'll put up the pictures with wacky captions!!!
Oh boy!!

It was a sunny day....as we started the shoot out in Old Town Alexandria.

This was right along the water at the Canal Center. It has a series of fountains telling the story of cupid.

This is an phallus obelisk in the same area next to the river.

Here is SlaveMatt making sure Joseph does not receive any sunlight onto his vampire head as Daryl walks away from a shot.

I forgot to add this picture before. I know it's lame and not original, but I took this photo, and messed with the colors. I like it, so Im putting it on here.

Once the sun went down we went to the Fairfax Fair to get some shots of the band riding a Ferris Wheel.Here is Angel and I at the fair standing next to some Larry David look-alike at the Rick "My career should have ended 20 years ago" Springfield concert. There was a surprisingly number of people attending the concert. We stood there in anticipation to hear the only song we knew 'Jesse's Girl'. And as predicted once that song was over 90% of the crowd left. Throughout the day I did absolutely nothing other than follow Angel around. It was a very simple shoot, where fortunately for me, no fog machine was necessary.

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