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I'm now Bi

2004-08-10 @ 11:50 p.m.

Breaking News: I'm Now Bi

On this milestone of the celebration of the groundbreaking, earth shattering news, that this is, indeed, my 200th entry, I hereby review the preceding 199 entries of the life of the chickie-legged wonder that is ...myself.

Previously on Chickie-Legs Diary...

We watched Chickie enjoy price club cookies, while reminiscing in her days of youth where, she in fact did have skinny legs. She later goes on to describe her fear and loathing of Oreo, the black and white cat of annoyance. He had meowing abilities far beyond his time.

We followed her as she traveled the world with the Legged family to such exotic places such as Texas, Las Vegas and New York. All in the pursuit to discover her Yee-Haw roots, escape the The Gate of Fate and to per chance touch Conan O'Brien's hand. Nay, his soul.

Whose to say she did not succeed?

We felt as though we rode along with her as she began her journey in the entertainment industry. Starting as a PA in a local tv station, to a surprise request to use her voice in a commercial that was possibly seen by a whopping 16 people in North Carolina, we watched her grow. (Literally, note above mentioned cookies)

She took us on an adventure through bad interviews, bad wardrobe choices and her expanding diet to include both cheesecake and ice cream.

We sympthized with her as she discovered her dentist enjoyed filling cavities more often than 1 in 10 other dentists recommended. Who can forget when her school neglected to tell her about required courses? Or when her school decided she should not graduate despite her honor roll status and friggin 7 years of college?

Finally things started to look up as she got a new job in the exciting career of Receptionaryism in a large advertising firm. This lead to her moving out of her home and into her spacious one room apartment filled with floating orbs, General Tso Chicken and an exorbitant amount of yellow and hot pink M&M's.

Here is to Chickie Legs and the hope that the next 200 entries are as eventful and humble as this one....


Anonymous Person That Is Not Chickie Legs

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