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Update Shumdate

2006-04-06 @ 11:42 p.m.

This feels kinda accurate as of late. I know, I know. I only update my diary just to say that I'm sorry I don't update my diary. But tomorrow I'm going to change my layout once again to something that I feel reflects me better than then the current "Portrait of a 6 year old Bethie that loved to pose sporting a half shirt and kick ass blue tennis shoes."

There is a lot going on in the world of the Leg, the new kitten (who is now almost 3 months old) the search for a new apartment (or hopefully townhouse) and all things work.

But overal life is going really reall real re well. It's going SO well that I had to increasingly decrease the number of letters in really. To test this theory I asked Angel earlier if he thought I was 'moody' or 'annoying' or 'diffulcult to work with' or 'doesn't share with others' or 'doens't respect other people's property'. He shockingly said no to all of them but the sharing one. He knows how I feel about my ice cream/candy/cookies. (The 3 Major C's).

Very strongly. So update/layout to come..eventually.

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