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arch deluxe-ah-fied

2003-02-08 @ 5:34 p.m.

If you are a fan of 'Chickie-Legs' Diary', you will know that my last entry detailed the events that led to naming and develoing the 'Big N'Tasty' by McDonald's. After conversing with Michael about this, and how extremely irratating I find this whole issue, he remembered the name of the other sandwich that McD's used to have. The good ole' "Arch Deluxe".

You guys remember that? That whole campaign cracked me up. Essentially it is the same thing as all other hamburgers, with just a slight difference in the 'special sauce' Which if you ask me, is a little too much 'special' and not so much 'sauce'. If you catch my drift...ahem. Anyway, the whole concept of marketing an adult sandwich at basically a children's fast food restaurant, is pretty silly.

"Here is the Arch Deluxe, this cheeseburger may look like an ordinary cheeseburger, but when someone older than 32 eats it, they suddenly become aware of present political concerns in this country. Their everyday worries of securing the homefront, and lowering taxes become one with the massive intake of a beef patty, sesame seed bun, and lettuce sandwich. Do not feed your children this exclusive adult sandwich, for they will immediately throw away their childhood dreams, and realize their mortality in this whirlwind of terror we now face. Act now, and you can get a copy of the 2003 IRS tax cut handbook, right in time for your tax needs! *do not put in mouth. Not for seniors over 72*

Collect your limited edition Enron, Worldcom, and AOL indicted CEO's baseball cards! Act now, while supplies last!!

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