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Tim Burton 'Plnt Aps!'

2003-09-16 @ 11:59 p.m.

Tim Burton is a Preposterous Platypus

Yeah, so today Mikey and I were getting out of class (Social Movements and Persuasion) and he mentioned to me that (apparently) I had left him a "weird ass random message" on his cell a few weeks ago. I of course denied this profusely. I mean, ME? Leave a random, nonsensical message? That's preposterous! Dude, I miss that word. We need to use it more.

Anyway, so he was all into me listening to it, and shit. He swore up and down that it was me. I told him to stop swearing up and down, because just weird man. (It's preposterous, really) So I listen, and sure enough to heck, it was me. It resembled the following:

'Plat aps, tim brton, md plat aps'.

After contemplating my insanity, I finally started cracking up because I remembered what the hell that was all about. So yeah that night we were watching Edward Scissorhands on DVD, (because I had just purchased it at Target)..so we were discussing our likening towards the Burtman, and we tried to remember all of the movies he made. The last one we recalled was either that cartoon Christmas one, or batman or something. But we both knew there was a more recent one that we were forgetting. I hate not remembering stuff. ESPECIALLY really important stuff like this. So I went home later that night and just as I was about to fall asleep, it came to me: "Planet of the Apes! Tim Burton directed Planet of the Apes!" So of course, I immediately called Mike's phone and relayed that message to him, apparently not feeling the need to put a coherent sentence together. I guess I felt that my it would all make sense to him in the morning...

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