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Enter the View of the Interview

2004-05-12 @ 1:50 p.m.

Enter the View of Chickie-Legs' Interview

Aight, so it finally happened around 12:15 today. I rushed home so I could talk to him in my apartment. It was your basic interview, "how did you hear about us?", "what can you bring to NBC", "what are your weaknesses", "what are your strengths" "why do you keep referring to me as your savior".. etc.

I would think that such an amazing and future paycheck-giving network such as the National Broadcasting Company would think of better, more original questions. Such as:

1) Do you agree that Katie Couric reminds you of a tiny, little liberal mouse?

2) Jay Leno, needs to be fired. If you worked for NBC, how would you break it to him AND his chin?

3) How do you feel about the recent FCC regulations in relation to Howard Stern? Ahh hha Boobies.

4) Are you willing to be in the hip, new reality show 'NBC Pages; What Can We Get Them To Do For Minumum Wage'?

But they didn't ask these questions. Which is precisely why they need to hire me!

So I will hear from them within the next two weeks. The next round of interviews (if I make it) is panel. I would have to go up to NY to do that. And it would be half a day. (these people aren't kidding around) (hence the boring questions) (that weren't funny)
(hence not kidding around)

Then if I make the next round after that I would be placed on the waiting list. I would be guaranteed a job, it's just a matter of when I start.

So I'll keep updating when I hear more :)

Thanks for all of your support!

-Bartles and Beth

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