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Misc and boring

2008-09-18 @ 1:06 a.m.

work has been pretty overwhelming lately. I worked 60 hours last week. Angel has been essentially a single father while I'm working my butt off making ads. It's tough. She is asleep when I leave at 9 in the morning and already in bed when I come home at 11pm. So I just stare at her in the crib and watch her dream. I don't know what babies dream about. If she is anything like me (very likely) then it's usually centered around ice cream and roller coasters. Ok, not really but maybe if I tell myself that I will dream that tonight.
I did have kind of a creepy dream the other night though. "Poppo", my mother's father was visiting me. He died 14 years ago but once in a while he'll visit me in my dreams to check up on me and let me know that he's ok. I just remember hugging him and asking if he saw Isabel. Then he would say goodbye and to tell my Gra'ma that he said hello. I didn't tell her though...it was just a dream, right?
Our family dog, Gretta was put down last weekend. She was a 12 year old Rottweiler. Very smart and sweet. I was the only one who didn't go when it happened. I can't imagine watching someone (even an animal) die. Even my 10 year old niece went, far too traumatic for me though. But I believe all dogs go to heaven so hopefully tonight Poppo and Gretta will come visit me and forgive me for not saying goodbye.
Isabel is too precious and perfect for words. I couldn't be more blessed. I just wish my pessimistic and over protective mind would turn off so I can enjoy it!
I want to write. And not boring life updates. I read Sedaris' most recent book.. Kinda disappointing, bit still inspiring. The problem is that I work too much and I use all the possible creativity and energy there so there is nothing left mentally or physically by the time I get home. Single parents are my hero. My sister, Amy, namely.
Ok so this has been the most random and shortest sentenced enter ever. Might delete. Writing from my iPhone though, at 1in the morning.
Anyway, thanks for reading this drivel guys!

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