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Resolution V 2.006

2005-12-30 @ 1:55 p.m.

Goals Version 2.006

So here we meet again, for the annual end of year round-up. As usual this year went by super fast. It started out normal, then went into light speed, then ludicris speed and for the past few months we went all mid-90's full out flannel.
I hope that made sense to at least one person other than me...anyway so I went back to last year's entry and what my goals were for 2005:

1. Get promoted from receptionist to assistant editor. CHECK This officially happened June 1st.
2. Finish college. NOT SO MUCH.
3. Move out of studio apartment into one bedroom. CHECK Also happened June 1st.
4. Attend church on a regular basis and meet like-minded people. NOT SO MUCH. I defiintely need to work on this on still.
5. Lose about 30 pounds. CHECK I was shocked that I actually completed this one. I only lost about 25, but I think that's good enough.
6. Finding 'the one'. BIG ASS CHECK. It appears that I was a little far-sighted last year as he was right in front of me since the day I met him. Angel has been a blessing from God. Not only do we share the same interests, but he inspires me and motivates me to do more. He encourages me to stay creative and loves me just the way I am. He accepts me for all my faults (all none of them) and most importantly he makes me dinner every night.
June 1st was our official 'start date' so as you can imagine, June 1st was quite a day. We talk about marriage quite frequently and I *hope* to be engaged sometime this coming year. (no pressure Angel) As you all know I could go on and on about my Angel, but let it be known that I love him.

And now for next year's goals:
1. Seriously, I need to finish school. The only thing holding me back is a foreign language requirement. If I get my butt in gear I can have Angel tutor me in Spanish and just finish already.
2. Lose 10 more pounds, and work out on a 'regular' basis. (i.e. at least once a year)
3. Either stay in this apartment or move into a larger 2 bedroom with a view of D.C. (or a house if we're engaged)
4. Get full promotion from Assistant Editor to Editor, with a SIGNIFICANT raise.
5. Find a church. Attend.
6. Get teeth fixed. (need roughly $10,000 for this however)
7. Get engaged. (ahem)

I'll leave my list to just the lucky number 7. So here's to 2006! I pray that you are all successful next year in work, love and life in general. I thank God everyday for everything that he has given me, and all of you that continue to support me I thank you!!

Happy New Year goobers and God bless :)
See you next year!

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