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Merry B Chrismtas

2005-12-27 @ 12:35 a.m.

I would just like to wish everyone a (belated) Merry Christmas. I meant to put this up yesterday, but we ended up having a pretty busy day so I sort of forgot. Anyway I, as usual, was spoiled with too many gifts and ate too many cookies.
Oh wait, I mean not enough cookies. There is no such thing as too many cookies.
One thing that kicks ass is that my work shuts the building down the last week of December so I have no work all this week until next Tuesday. So I am going to be pretty much sleeping all week. And most likely, buying stuff that I didn't get...
Anyway it's late and I just wanted to say Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays if you really insist) and that I will update this week with regular Chickie Leg humor and pictures.
God Bless :)

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