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homosexual monarchy

2003-12-06 @ 1:12 p.m.

While Mike and I went to Harris Teeter for dinner, I realized that once crossing into the parking lot we have traveled to yet, another country. Fairfax is full of various countries. Previously I have visited "Mattress Land" and it's neighbor, "Carpet Land". But tonight, was the by far, the most eccentric country thus far. Tonight we visited the kingdom of the gay Kings. A Homosexual Monarchy, if you will. "What the hell are you talking about Beth?"

Well, in the same shopping center that Harris Teeter sits, sits "Smoothie King", and "King Kabob". I quickly scanned the rest of the shopping center for some kind of mah-lady. No such luck. Next stop, queersville. Just a bunch of gay Kings eating kabob's and drinking smoothies. I am not even going to touch the possible jokes with that statement.

All in all, it was a very eventful evening. And by 'eventful', I mean 'full of events'.

Good Sgt Pepper!

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