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The Cast

2003-11-17 @ 8:26 a.m.

The Cast

Patchie! My 21 year old brother. Bad ass drummer. He learned from watching me. He learned from watching me, alright! (Ignore the fact that he is indeed holding a guitar..I swear he is a drummer. He plays bass too.) The other picture is him in the hotel in the infamous Vegas '03 trip. HE'S SINGLE LADIES!! And don't tell me we look nothing alike. I know dammit.

Here is my beautiful sister Amy, and her daughter Cam-Cam. (Cameron) Do I have a beautiful family or what?? (YOU BETTER HAVE SAID YES THERE OR MY FATHER WHO IS FROM TEXAS WILL FIND YOU.) Anyway don't tell me that I look just like Amy, cuz I KNOW. And I am so lucky for that. p.s. could Cam Cam be any more cute? Good Lord I love her.

This is my mom and dad! I won't make a funny comment, because that would just be wrong. And we all know that I am a perfect daughter.

The devil himself. In the form of a cat. OREO. Don't let the furry fur he has fool you. He is psychotic and possibly the most annoying cat EVER. YES EVEN MORE ANNOYING THAN THE ONE THAT BIT ROY.

This is me and Cam-Cam, apparently right after that tragic shark attack to my left hand...I think she's squeezing me so hard that my ear is about to pop out.

Here is my beautiful Angel, *ahem* my fiance Angel... :)

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