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28 ain't so bad

2007-01-19 @ 12:08 a.m.

Well as of 8 minutes ago I am 28. I'm trying not to do the obligatory 'oh my God I can't believe how old I am', that I usually do. Because for once, I'm not too upset.

I feel that at 28, I'm at an ok place in my life. I'm engaged to the love of my lfe, I have a really great job, I live in an awesome house, I have a car that still works, and I have my cat for which I love and cherish as if he was my son. There really is nothing to complain about. So I won't.

So Happy Birthday to me, and thank you Mom and Dad for doing it.

I mean for always being there for me. Especially one sunny afternoon some 336 months ago.
Oh crap is that right? 336 MONTHS??? That can't be right...let's see 10,220 days?!

Alright I'm gonna go to bed before I try to figure out how many seconds I have been blessing this earth with my kick assery.


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