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daylight savings..more like pissing me off...ings..

2003-04-06 @ 11:25 p.m.

The Hour That Nixon 'Mis-located'

That's right, it's 'daylight savings' time again! Or as I like to refer to it, "The day that Beth goes and stomps on Nixon's grave!" Okay not really, but this whole 'losing an hour' shit pisses me off. Sure, yes, okay, I agree, affirmative, we get 'an extra hour of daylight'. BULLSHIT! That's just what morning people say because they're psychotic and like to wake up early....in the MORNING no less!

These people need to be shot. What has this 'daylight savings' done for YOU lately? I declare that it doesn't do shit for me. Plus the way that is is set up--, is lame. It makes more sense to me to do it the other way around. If we 'lost' an hour in the fall, we would have 'more sun' when it's all cold and depressing. I think the whole gaining an hour occurring around Halloween, was just a ploy by Nixon's kids so they could go trick or treating earlier. I mean think about it. That's the ONLY logical explanation for this crap. But then, it gets all weird in the Spring, so we have to make up for it by losing an hour in April. IT'S INSANE I TELL YOU! Let's just be as arbitrary as possible and 'lose' 2.14 minutes a week. How about them apples? Then in April, let's gain 58 minutes, and then run around in circles and bark like a chicken. That's about as stupid as the system we have now. Plus the fact that not EVERYONE in the world follows this insane LAW. And how is it that a President of a country can designate how time works? I declare that in my room, or wherever I am, it is actually always Saturday, May 29th 2005. What? You disagree? Well apparantly the issue of time is debatable, and even regulatory depending on where you live. I guess we are taking Einstein's 'theory of relativity' a little too far, don't you think? For more information on this issue please visit the following sites. DECIDE FOR YOURSELF. JOIN ME IN THE PURSUIT OF DECLARING EVERYDAY MAY 29TH 2005. click this and this

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