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Things that made me happy

2004-03-27 @ 3:25 a.m.

A Few Things That Made Me Smile This Week

- pissing off the McDonald's drive-thru lady by refusing to call their pita's 'deli flatbread sandwiches' ..DUDE THEY ARE PI-TAS! PITAS!

- letting an unGodly amount of dorks into my lane and having THEM go out of their way to thank me. (hardly happens)

- finishing a crossword puzzle that my mom didn't.

(haha in your face Mom!)

(if that's your real name)

- buying the coolest shit on ebay.

- having people tell me at my new job that I'm doing a good job despite my apparent lack-of-FedEx-knowledge.

- making that last item have way-too-many-hyphens.

- knowing that you just looked back to see what I was talking about.

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