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Songs for nothing? Chicks for free?

2004-03-29 @ 5:32 p.m.

I Will Kill The Radio Star...

Okay the most F-ed up thing just happened in work today. So I get all these phone calls all the time from apparent 'famous' people. This guy calls and has the audacity to ask what we do. (Why is he calling an advertising agency and confused about it's purpose??) Once I told him, we are an advertising agency, he goes, 'okay then I have the right place.'

"Okay how can I help you sir?"

"Well, here's the deal. I made a really good song online and I would like your company to place it on the radio for free."

"I'm sorry sir, for free?"

"Yes, it is about patriotism and 9/11. Now who can I talk to about this?"

"Umm, sir hold on" (I get many calls)

"Okay sorry about that sir, now you have this song and you would like us to play it for free."

"Yes, now who am I speaking to now?"

"This is the receptionist."

"Okay well clearly I don't need to talk to you. Now please send me to your boss. Who is your boss."

"Please hold sir I have another call" (I swear I did)

"Okay sorry about that sir, now I'm sorry but everyone is busy right now. What I can do for you is place you into the media assistant's voicemail."

(this is where he started to get really mad and short with me)

"Look, who is your boss? Do you know who your boss is?"

"Yes sir, I just started here last week (almost true) and everyone is my boss. I don't know if I can help you."

"I don't want to talk to someone's voice mail. I want to talk to an actual person and it isn't you."

"Sir I have to put you on hold again, I have another call."

"No, you won't I am on long distance, this is expensive."

(this guy was calling a company that he wasn't sure was an advertising agency to have us play his song FOR FREE and he is telling me that it's long distance??)

"I'm sorry sir the best I can do right now is put you to someone's voice mail or write down your information and pass it along."


(note: he didn't actually say 'click' there..that's just the word people say when they mean someone hung up on them...because he hung up on me. Hence: click)

People suck.

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