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Joshua Bennett - 2004-03-27 02:57:32
For your information I had to go get a dictionary and figure out the what the word Hyphen meant...after that then yes sadly I went back to your diary entry and reread that line, you got me once again...but no more with your mind games I say...quote the Josh "nevermore" :)
Beth - 2004-03-27 03:03:20
dude what's funny is I realized I spelled it wrong (now fixed) so I went to dictionary.com (you should go there for future reference) and the definition of 'hyphen' was 'to hyphenate'... lol that's awesome. alright goodnight josh!!! GO SLEEP!!
Joshua Bennett - 2004-03-27 06:49:55
Dude what dictionary do you think I used? :) I always use dictionary.com, and if I get tired of using the same word over again I use Thesaurus.com (a sibling company of dictionary.com) Please note this is not an adverstiment for dictionary.com or for any of its sibling's websites..You as a viewer of chickie-legs diary may use any dictionary you wish to get your message across. but I warn you your message will be crap if you don't use dictionary.com or Thesaurus.com...
Brian - 2004-03-29 09:55:20
MacDonald's didn't pay some marketing group millions of dollars to come up with the name "flatbread sandwich" to diversify itself from other "non-normal bread sector meats and vegetables between things category one piece meals", for you to just shit on them and call it a "pita". It's McMore than that.
Gravis Zero - 2004-04-03 18:12:20
next time, ask for the "taco amigo meal"

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