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Journey to the end of the Film

2004-02-18 @ tired o'clock

Journey to the End of the Film

Alrighty you inpatient bastards (just kidding), here is the first half of my summary of the filming of 'B.B'. I am not going to name the title of the film because I am going to be discussing some of the people involved and I know that eventually people will look up the name of their film on google and this page will come up. Trust me on this one. I know that sounds ridiculous, but some of these people are really full of themselves.

So I arrived Thursday morning at Springfield mall at 6:00 am after about 4 hours of sleep. I met the director and the director of photography (the 'DP' for those of us in the 'biz') and we drove to Richmond. They seemed like nice guys, a few years younger than myself. They didn't even know what I was supposed to do on the set. I told them I was 'script supervisor'. Then they said 'well to be honest I dont even know what that is' That's when I started to wonder what I was getting myself into, plus the fact that the director was only 22.

About 2 hours later we arrive in Richmond and started setting up on location. Dude I am so cool with my movie lingo aren't I? Anyway the set was in the Virginia House, which was built in like 1600-something. This house was awesome, but creepy as hell. It had all these old original paintings from like the 17th century and I swear all of them were looking at me.

That day went pretty well, so I was up from like 7am to 11pm that day. The next day I was due to be in Brunswick, MD by 7am which is about an hour away from where I am. Which sucked, but I still managed to be the first one there. (I hate being late.) That day we filmed inside of a church, which was mostly cool. One of the main characters had to be a priest and stand in front of the 'congregation' which consisted of local Brunswickians whose total age probably equaled 10,000. (there were only 8 of them too). These people were OOOOLD. I felt so bad because they had to sit in the pews for hours while the 'DP' figured what the hell he was doing. At this point the crew was getting a little antsy. I began to see that the crew and the director/dp didn't work together, and so the 'butting of the heads' began.

During our very short lunch break we went downstairs with the actors and other crew and ate. This is when I started getting to know the actors. They were pretty cool, they were SAG actors too which is pretty good considering the size of this film. But then the 'Insignificant Short Part I've Had Competition' began.

This was hilarious on my end. The first guy would be like name dropping all over the place, 'Well, when I was working on "Minority Report", as Tom's stand-in, I really got to know him and Steven. And by 'Tom' I mean 'Tom Cruise' and by 'Steven' I mean 'Steven Spielburg'.

Then I would have to pretend that I was impressed. Then the other guy would say, 'that's cool that you got to work with Spielburg, cuz when I was in The West Wing, I got to be Rob Lowe's finger in one scene because he had to pee.

I just laughed to myself but secretly knowing that one day I would be doing the same thing. In fact you could say I'm doing it right now, but whatever. Now I am only two degrees away from Spielburg. When previously I was only one degree away from the wax sculpture of Spielburg. All in only 5 months..I think I'm making progress.

Next half of the filming due tomorrow...

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