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2006-07-26 @ 1:25 p.m.

Dude okay so I guess I don't write much, and when I do, it's not that entertaining. My apologies, so I can understand the depletion of people on my 'chickie legs is one of my favorites' list... thingy.
Anyway, that aside let me say that I am officially really happy and slightly jealous of my dear friend Juddhole. He doesn't update as much as me (yes that's possible) but he has revealed recently that he and his wife are expecting. Which brings me to MY post. No, I'm not pregnant.
HOWEVER being that Angel and I are going to be married in less than a year, AND I am getting old (28 in January) I have been feeling more and more like I don't want to wait to get married. The thought of eloping and starting a family has been on my mind incessantly for a while now. Only Angel really knows about it, but I have shared more ridiculous things on here, so why not share this. I have never really had the whole 'I want to be a mother' thing before. Mostly because of the whole 'insane painful labor' thing. But the past year I have had this overwhelming urge to want to be a mom. It doesn't help that one of my good friends at work is 7 months pregnant...
ARGH. I just feel that since I'll be 28 when I get married, (and let's pretend that we want kids right away), then I'll be 29 when I have my first baby. My parents were 28 when they had my sister, and back then that was really really old. So now I feel like I've waited too long. Am I crazy? I know I am, but I can't get these thoughts out of my head.

In other news, my work is getting really stressful lately. We tend to have 'seasons' where we are really really busy. It is starting to get into that time right now. For instance I was at work until 1 am on Monday and 9pm last night. Plus we worked on another music video last weekend. We've actually done quite a few..I need to update more and upload some of the pictures.

We also moved. I haven't mentioned it on here yet I don't think but Angel and I moved into this really really nice brand new townhouse. It is four floors and a whopping 2800 sq feet. It also has a two car garage. It's hella expensive, but totally worth it. It has a bedroom for his daughter and an extra bedroom for guests (or future mini chickie legs or Angel II)...so that was exciting.

I think that's about it, until I decide to reveal another strange and random factoid about my current life anyway.

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