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Wedding Stuff

2006-08-04 @ 2:38 p.m.

It seems as though I have made a mistake. A lapse in judgment, if you will. In hindsight telling my female co-workers that I wanted to lose 15-20 pounds before the wedding (next July) was not such a great idea. Here's why:

They are food nazi's. Everyone is aware that little ol Bethie isn't so little as let's say your average 15 year old sophomore, or for that matter a yoga addicted, tofu eaten 20-something that I work with. The problem is I love sugar. And chocolate. And ice cream, you could say that I am in love with them. You could say that I alone, am ruining the everglades with my sugar addiction. In fact that exact fact was told to me yesterday. So now the problem is that everytime we have lunch or heaven forbid an 'ice cream party' for a co-worker's birthday or something I cannot have any. And not because I am telling myself that I can't have any, but because some of the people I work with are aware of my previous statement of 'trying to lose weight'. So when the idea was mentioned of having ice cream later, my eyes lit up with excitement. It's been a whopping two whole days since I've had dessert of any sort. Plus it's Friday! Why can't I have a little piece of cake? Well I can't because I will get the evil eyes of death if I even think about it.

Girls are mean.

In a slightly related topic, tomorrow Angel and I are meeting with the photographer, Sunday we are looking at tuxedos and next Thursday we are looking at a possible reception place...and oh yeah I BOUGHT MY DRESS!!!

Plans are moving along, we're sticking with the big wedding/ 7.7.7./ not eloping plan. It would be too upsetting to distant family members on both sides that have been waiting for this for a long time to elope. Plus I do want to remember our wedding as a fun, big event with all the people I care about. I just need to try and move on from the whole 'feeling guilty' thing of having my dad spend so much money on one day. But I know he loves me and I'll pay him back someday (with grandchildren or old-person-diapers or something)

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