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Caught Up video

2005-05-03 @ 9:45 a.m.

Okay, so I finally got some of the pictures back from the video shoot from two weeks ago. I once again worked with Wraith Films as we shot a music video "Accessory" for an experimental group with the lead singer, Jimi Davies of "Jimmie's Chicken Shack", the other group members are from other bands, but I can't remember which ones.

This was Friday night around 11:30 pm after I worked all day answering the phones, not that I'm bitter... Anyway here we are setting up a scene where these bling-bling cars come in with some members of the band amd some bling-bling extras. At this point (and well, still to this point) I'm not really sure what the whole video is about, but I think it involves band members stealing these cars and then getting arrested. This picture clearly shows me working very very hard, as I stand in the garage staring at the ground, performing some sort of weird butt-shaking move. A move, that is more like my feelings expressed in the art of the dance regarding music video producing.

This next picture was on my second day of shooting (Sunday) where we actually shot inside of Lorton prison in Virginia. It has been abandonedded for a few years, but it was still pretty creepy. I seem to have been tempted by the sexiness of mouth cancer with some big ass chew in my mouth. Either that or I was seriously contemplating my next move as 7th AC. (There was a like a million AC's there so my tasks were very limited) (such as staring at the floor).

Okay finally, a picture of me actually doing something. Here I am 'marking slate' where before every 'take' I would take the 'marker' and 'clap' them together after 'writing' what 'scene' and 'take' it was. This happened many many times, so it's nice that one picture came out of it. Notice my clever dexterity as I am able to hold the slate with one hand and clap it without the assistance of my other hand. THAT, my friends takes MAD SKILLS.

This is more of an artistic shot of my previously mentioned re-occuring floor-staring. My talents were utitilized even more when I was asked to perform the infamous 'fog machine'. Since I am an expert in the skill of the fog, I felt confident that the fog would be of such consistency that not only screamed 'rock band video', but 'artistic expression via fog'. I think this picture captures that.

I lied, here is yet another picture of me slating the scene. It's more of a portrait of awesomeness as I reach over to the drummer to make sure that the slate is precisely in front of the focus point. My facial expression in this picture could be best described as 'questionable, yet confident'. Same could be said of this diary, in fact.

Well that's all I got for now, I keep getting interupted with my "job". So I'll try to add more later. But unfortunately, these are the best ones.

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