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Monster Mash!

2005-11-03 @ 1:50 p.m.

So yeah apparently I suck at diaryland these days. To make up for it, here are some pictures from my recent Halloween 80's Partaaay:

Here is Angel and I posing like some super kick-a-rad 80's people. He is supposed to be 'The Reanimator' and I am a stereotypical thrown together 80's outfit, girl. Thing. I wanted to make a ridiculous costume, but I was so consumed by all the food that we made and decorating that I literally put off figuring out what to wear to the last minute. Like people were already there and I was in my closet throwing things around trying to figure out what to put on. But I think it worked out. I wore netted tights, a black skirt, pink shirt and a big belt on top. Then obviously obligatory pony tail on the side and fake eyelashes. My original idea was to be the girl from "Small Wonder", but like 'the diffulcult years' version. I was going to try and look all slutty and then make the robot back flap, but again, ran out of time.

Here is my brother and Guido 'Whipping It Good' as the 80's group Devo. They definitely did not steal any parts of their costumes. Nope, didn't steal any of it. They are the declared winners of the costume contest.

Here is a picture of my sister Amy and Guido. What a great couple! Too bad my sister has crazy eyes in this picture. (just kidding Amy)(not really)

And here is a picture of my gorgeous 7 year old niece, Cameron. I don't put pictures of her a lot, but in real life I am completely obsessed with her. She wants to be 'on tv' and is the most amazing dancer. I love her to death. I had to put this picture on here because she's just too damn cute, and I had to share it!!!

The next few pictures are of the food that Angel and I made. First are the "Witches Fingers". They are cookies with almond slices as fingernails. The consensus was that they looked better than they tasted.

This next picture is of the two eyeball items. The ones on the left are peanut butter mixed with pieces of butterfingers, dipped in white chocolate with a mini m&m as the pupil and red icing as the eye veins-thingies. The ones on the right is Angel's; some sort of Puerto Rican fruit with fruit paste in the middle. No one really ate these just because they looked like actual eyeballs. But they tasted really good! Just like real eyeballs!

And finally here is more food. You can see where all the time went into prepration of my little shin-dig. On the top left you will see a 7 layer dip in the shape of a severed hand. This is courtesy of Angel's very creative and talented mind. In the middle is 'dirt pie' that I made with a few witches fingers coming out, and on the top right is a coffin made from Angel (of course) with fried skin and brain matter. (chips and salsa).

Overall I think we had too much food, but whatever. Better to have too much than too little, I think.

My friend from work just sent me the picture she had of the four of us ladies from my office. T-Ro, Deb, me and Anna (my replacement receptionist). I think they all looked great!

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