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Mostly dead

2005-04-13 @ 3:55 p.m.

Okay, so I'm not dead, just mostly dead. This weekend was AWFUL, felt like crap the entire time. I rarely get sick, so when I do I'm a big baby about it. But still, whatever, it sucks.
The coughing is what is annoying me the most right now. I can't. stop. coughing. The problem is: talking makes it worse. My job=talking. Cough=never stopping.

Plus me and Josh's new favorite show is "House" on Fox (Tuesday nights at 9) so whenever I have a symptom of anything I immediately think I'm dying of some rare disease that began when I looked a rusty nail in the wrong way.

I love that show. Not sure how many of you guys watch it, but last night was craziness. Cameron quit after she revealed, again, her undying love and respect for House. And even though part of me wanted him to grab her and kiss her and tell her not to leave, it wouldn't have been consistent with his character, so I was ultimately glad he didn't. But I find it hard to believe Cameron won't make a return once what's his face, jerk-off-guy gets fired. (assuming he will) But then again, there has to be some sort of conflict in this show, in any show, or it won't work. But then again, there always has to be a love interest in any story as well. And I don't really think House and 'Cutti's' 'sexual-tension-relationship' counts.

Yes, Josh and I have studied this show inside and out THAT much, for no apparent legitimate reason, other than because the show is kick-ass. And I find this show to be much more of a respectable show to be addicted to than say, 'THE OC' (which is THE lame)

Yeah, I don't get out much, and I don't really watch any other 'real' shows, so I put all my tv watching efforts into this show. If this entry doesn't somehow inspire you to watch this show, I don't know what will.

Mabye I'm still high on Nyquil, who knows.

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