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2003-10-15 @ 2:56 p.m.

Possible Halloween Costumes

This costume gets the award for least obvious inuendo. But it is also really funny. I might have to convince Mikey to wear this one with me for Halloween.

This is another possibility.

So Halloween is on a Friday this year. That is super cool because that means I will most likely find some sort of costume party. I have always loved wearing costumes. Or uniforms of any sort. First with Halloween, then with Girl Scouts, then HS marching band, JMU marching royal dukes uniform, dance recitals, cheerleading, etc. Everyone always thought that I loved to play drums, liked to cheer, and loved to dance. But the truth is I just like wearing costumes. Okay that's not exactly completely true. But yeah.

Costumes are cool.

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