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buffy - 2003-10-15 23:27:02
expressive. interesting,i would like to talk to you. i have no clue what to write, ummm,...see ya later.
Bill - 2003-10-15 23:56:33
Wow, another fan! Not a very talkative fan (maybe star struck?) but a fan none the less. When are you going national with this thing? Oh wait, I suppose it's national already...
Chickie Legs - 2003-10-16 00:12:28
Ha ha..yeah. You know what's funny? I don't want to make fun of the person who did it, but someone wrote in my guestbook that the first costume was 'sick' and I gathered from her entry that she thought I didn't get the joke there..or I'm missing the fact that she got it ..or something. ...ahh yeah it made me laugh.
Bill - 2003-10-16 00:45:22
When you say "least obvious inuendo" how can she assume that you didn't get it... Some people... I am going to a halloween party next Friday after the show. I have no idea what to be though. Any suggestions?
Chickie Legs - 2003-10-16 01:20:18
Hmmm hey I keep forgetting to ask, what show are you talking about? I just keep assuming it's the same 'show' I do every day...in front of the mirror...naked! ..rright. anyway hmm well my other costume possibilities that I did not provide pictures for, are to wear blue scrubs and glue balls of cotton all over and hold a squirt gun and go as 'partly cloudy with chance of showers'. That's my favorite. But it's not exactly 'sexy'. But then again you never know some creative people might find 'sexy images' in the clouds...
Bill - 2003-10-16 02:03:29
You do that show too? What a small world! I'm not sure if we do the same encore or not though. What I do is... oh nevermind. Seriously, I am doing a local production of 'Man of La Mancha' right now (sorry, I thought I mentioned that earlier). I play an evil guy that ends up abducting the female lead... (feel free to insert your own 'typecasting' joke here.) It's the first time I have played a bad guy. Kind of a strange experience. It runs through the end of the month. I'm really proud of the show (if you couldn't tell). After seeing "Waiting for Guffman" though, (by the way a hilarious movie) I'm always a little afraid to say I am doing community theater (I feel the need to point out that I stayed away from the pretentious spelling of 'theatre'). I suppose there is a little more prestige if I say I am doing "regional theater" though, so I am going to go with that term. Thanks for the tip... I have a feeling I will end up going as something lame... I am looking for a costume that will involve interaction with people. the last few years I have been The Crocodile Hunter, Frankenstein, and a tourist.
Bill the parenthesis guy - 2003-10-16 02:06:29
Christ, could I have used any more parenthesis in the posting above? I need to learn to proofread and stick to one thought at a time.
Bethie - 2003-10-16 02:12:17
Dude...have we met? (rhetorical) I too, favor the parenthesis. I've seen entries by other folks who have discussions about whether they are (parenthetical) or elipsis..types. I like them both. I'm an equal-opportunity puncuationist. That's cool about the theater stuff. (and Yes, I'm glad that you didn't call it theatre, I hate people who call it that)... speaking of tip, when I was at JMU, one of my friends went AS a q-tip. It was hilarous. He wore all blue, then made a huge cotton head-hat thing and then a lot of cotton on his shoes. it was awesome.
Bill - 2003-10-16 15:25:50
Cool survey. There is already someone coming to the party as a q-tip. The costumes I know that are going to be there are... a crack whore, a q-tip, and (I love this last one) a couple is coming as Roy and the white tiger that mauled him. Perhaps you can talk Mike (or does he perfer Mikey) to come with you as that?

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