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oreo is annoying

2002-11-28 @ 1:02 a.m.


Oreo and I are "not getting along". We go through the motions of a relationship: "meow Beth, I hate you",

"Oreo get out of my room!",

"Meow, meooow, Beth why do you abuse me so much?"

"Oreo shut up!!"

He usually gives in first. I go downstairs for some juice (may I recommend the delictable cranberry/strawberry) and return to my room in hopes of it being feline-free. I quickly scan my room looking for fur. Immediately I spot the black/white fluff on the end of my bed. A deep sigh. I think to myself, "alright, this is okay, he's sleeping, he won't meow much,"

So as soon as I lie on my bed, he sits up, looks at me and a quiet 'Meow, I'm sorry".

I then say, "it's okay Oreo just stop meowing for the love of God!"

I go to pet him and he snaps at me and meows long and loud.

"Oh so sorry Oreo, am I annoying YOU?? Excuse me cat, whose room are you in?"

"I don't have my own room, you know that why must you hurt me? You know exactly what to say to make me hurt the most!"

"Enough There are two whole other floors to this house EXPLORE THEM! GET OUT!!"

...so Oreo was flung off the bed in a wave of anger meowing all the way downstairs.

"You may have won the battle Beth, but I'll be back...just when you've managed to fall asleep, I"ll ram my furry little head into your door until you wake up and let me in.

Till then, Beth....till then.

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