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My dentist is a rapist

2003-11-07 @ 11:57 p.m.

Even More Reasons for me Not to Visit the Dentist

Okay so this is seriously my (now previous) dentist.

My Dentist is a Rapist-Joke-Off. GO:

You know, I always thought it was odd that he wanted me to 'show where it hurts' and stared at my crotch while drooling. Even though I clearly indicated that it was my TEETH that was bothering me.

Then there was the time I inquired about proper flossing methods. He then flung out a G-string bikini out of his ass and began to do an Egyptian/stripper dance. He then insisted that I put my payment down his pants.

Now that I look back, it is a little weird to sing "Singing in the Rain" incessantly during every check up.

'Root canals' has a totally different connotation to it now.

Instead of scheduling to see me 'every 6 months' it became, 1-2 times a week.

And I thought that was just drool on my bib!

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