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Gary - 2003-11-08 23:30:53
That's pretty creepy. Maybe he just misunderstood her when she said she'd like to have her cavity filled. (sorry... very old, bad joke)
Brian - 2003-11-09 00:21:50
If any dentist ever asks if you want a cream filling for your cavity hole, just say no. Everyone knows sugar ain't good for cavities.
Beth - 2003-11-09 03:39:20
No, no. keep the jokes rolling. hence JOKE OFF. You know what I'm talking about Gary. As it turns out, he was happy to see me, AND it was a drill in his pocket.
Gary - 2003-11-09 04:13:07
The article said he gave her laughing gas... nice. I know nothing turns me on more than a semi-concious drooling woman laughing hysterically. (laughter) I wonder if it was ORAL sex, and if so, did he make her spit into the cup afterward? (audience groans) But seriously folks, it looks like the raping dentist is going to go to prison, where he will give the prisoners oral check-ups and they'll give him rectal ones. (audience boos) Thank you very much! I'll be here all week!
James fo' shizzle.. No! Really! - 2003-11-09 10:35:25
I got to reading your journal thing ( at least up till the point where I just felt creepy), and you're really really funny. Of course, you already know that, but still. I can't think of any better way to waste time.. Well, I could, but all involve you.. Grrrrowl!.. Okay, as of now.. no more.. As far as dentist jokes, uhhm, I suck at jokes which require brain power, but let me give it a try... Ah! I got it!.. Why did the dentist cross the road? ... To rape the chicken! Wooo!!... I'm going back to my corner now.. --James"not wearing a bra"Johnson
James again.. - 2003-11-09 11:55:13
Gak! I just read that article! You really had a rapist dentist??? You never were unconcious around him, right?? Grr! I hate those damned rapists. It may seem inhumain, but I think they should just lop off their penises.. I'm sure it's possible to pee without 'em..
Beth - 2003-11-09 13:50:06
Yeah, that REALLY was my dentist. I live in Va. The chantilly office is where I went. But the office that he did this was in MD. And thankfully I was never unconscious with him...or so I remember.
Brian - 2003-11-09 15:20:27
If you can't joke about the fact that your dentist is a rapist, then...well, all you have left is the crying, and the fear. And what fun is that? Besides, without a good hypnotist, how will you ever know? Oh, and they have bags and tubes for the peeing thing. If they can't live with bags and tubes, well then, I don't care, they're rapists.
scott - 2003-11-10 02:39:21
yea that's damn scary. reminds me of the seinfeld episode. hmmm as for a joke, what if instead of giving you a toothbrush he gave you his weiner? (sorry)
James just got bit - 2003-11-10 14:49:21
That's right Scott. Now you're going to hell:) Don't worry, you'll have company, my little man whore.

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