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Let's Try This Again

2005-08-30 @ 2:30 p.m.

Note: Yes, I am putting this entry back up for reasons only known to me.

So this weekend we are doing another music video...this time for a heavy rock group, "Drowning Man". Or "DrowingMan", or more likely "Man, They Be Drowning My Ears In Throbbing Pain, Man". I have nothing against heavy metal, it just ain't what I am dying to listen to. Oddly enough, I predict it will have a hand in doing so.

However, on the good side, this will be the first time Angel and I will work on a music video since we started dating. What was once me just trying to get more experience and show these people how much I wanted to learn...is now just me wanting to hang out with Angel and the other guys.

Since Angel is going to be First Assistant Director, he will be really busy, while I, on the other hand will most likely be the "Fog Machine Operator". Previously performed on such videos as "Accessory", and "Still Standing". Not that I mind doing the fog machine, but I think I have thoroughly mastered that skill, and I look forward to expanding my talents to other machines. Such as the 'picture machine' aka 'the camera'. Yes, I'm sure I will be able to handle being a little closer to the actual direction of the video and further from the cause of my hacking cough.

But now..yes, now that I have a little 'say' in what I do, I will have to see what I can do to upgrade my position a bit. I predict a mysterious leap on the music video ladder in the next few days. "2nd AC Beth'" sounds pretty good about now, doesn't it Angel? And oh yeah, if that's a problem, let's remember who made you fried ice cream the other night! Oh wait, that was me! That's what I thought!"

It will also be very diffulcult for me not to embarrass him in front of everyone while he's assistant-directing. "Beth, hand me that light stand over there".

"Umm, please??. I only respond to the name Professor Snuffy, you McRudeyMcDork. Attention, everyone, Angel now goes by McRudeyMcDork, please act accordingly!"

"Beth, hand me the freaking stand."

"Make me!"

"I have no time for your shenanigans!"

"Shenangigans? What are you suddenly an 80 year old Irish woman?"

"Elizabeth Michelle!"

"Ooooh, you're bringing out the big full-name guns huh? Angel McRudeyMcDork Miguel! If you want this light stand, you come over here and get it your self! And good luck sleeping on the couch!"

Yes...I see this weekend going very well indeed.

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