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Lazy Eyyyyye Matey

2008-08-15 @ 12:04 a.m.

I'm determined to not only write about Isabel.

... Okay but before that happens I have to tell you that she laughed the other day! She is only 3 months old now, and for some reason every time we made a farty noise, (from our mouth) she laughed. We immediately took out our cameras and got it on tape. As my boss remarked, this will be the most photographed baby ever. And rightly so! Clearly she is way advanced. Babies usually don't laugh like that until they 4 months. I'm THAT funny.

In hopefully related news; I'm thinking about writing a children's book. I know how presumptious that sounds that a publishing company would buy it... But I've been in one of my manic-lots of ideas-delusions of grandure moods lately (pretty much the definition of manic for me). Anyway I always heard write what you know, so I was thinking it would focus around the character 'Bethie' or possibly 'chickie legs'. She is 4 years old and has to wear an eye patch for her lazy eye. The kids make fun of her, but she tells them its because she's a pirate- daughter of the great PurpleBeard, not because her right eye drifts off into the clouds. Much like her mind some 25 years later...

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