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cheese cake blabber

2002-11-17 @ 1:12 p.m.

Well today is Sunday. I had a pretty good weekend. My parents were out of town, and that's always fun. Not that I don't love my parents, it's just fun to be home alone with just Patch and do whatever we want. I had a poker night on Friday. It was me, Michael, Nathan, Derek, Milan, Patch, and Jason. I ended up being the big winner, so that was phat. (I was up about $20) Texas hold 'em was probably my best game. I won a lot playing that. I just get lucky at poker...next time I want to get together and play 'balderdash' I absolutely love that game! I get to be as goofy and creative as I want, it's awesome. Well today I have to finish shooting my film project, I hope it gets done! Tomorrow I have to spend all day editing it. Okay, this entry is uber boring, so I will finish it with a rhyme:

I like chocolate cheesecake and I cannot lie,
no other Bethie's can deny,
when a little bitty piece gets in my face,
I get pissed, cuz I want a bigger one.

My tummy don't-want-none unless you got sauce, hon!
You can serve me cookies or carrot cake,
but please give what I want,
for if a big ol' slice comes rolling down the counter,
I'll slurp it up real quick.

Bethie likes cake.


Okay, after reading this I realize that
1) doesn't make any sense
2) doesn't really adhere to the original 'baby got back'
3) I don't care. You ain't paying me to entertain you, so suffer beotch!


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