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GMU can bite me

2004-02-25 @ 9:54 p.m.


Yeah...so my 'school' emailed me today in regards to my appeal to graduate. And as expected, they turned me down. So in order for me to graduate this (May) or at least to walk in May, I have to take two semesters worth of sign language THIS SUMMER.

They even had the audacity to say 'if you accept this offer, it would truly be an extraordinary exception'. An 'extraordinary exception'? If they only knew how ordinary their incomptance really is. In fact, I haven't met one person that goes to GMU that hasn't been screwed in one way or another.

(Not that I'm bitter.)

Sooooo now I am going to try and see if I can just take the last of the classes and skip the first one, and if not, I will shove my one-fingered-sign up their ass.

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