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AD agency my ass!!!!!

2004-01-02 @ 12:08 p.m.

Death of a Snowman

Oh good lord. Today sucked so bad. So very very bad.

So I had a job interview today with an 'Advertising Agency'. This so called 'ad agency' shall go nameless. So I was told to come in with professional dress. This was my second interview with them. It was for possible management. I was psyched. So I came in there at 11 this morning prepared to be in training...or something like that. So I get there and the obnoxious and over-the-top bubblicious cheerleader types were all up in my face about what we were about to embark on. "Hey You! You excited?! Well you should be! Come on yeayyy! Well let's GO!!!" You would think we were about to find the cure for diabetes, head for the hills for gold and eat pancakes the way that these people were psyched about something. That's when I should have realized something was amiss.

So I end up with Bubbles and we drive to a neighborhood. And this is where I start thinking WTF? All I know is that this 'ad agency' specializes in VIP cards and the like for restauarants and such. So what we END up doing is going door-to-door selling these stupid things. So I'm wearing this stupid suit and this girl is saying '"Hey take off your jacket and put this sweater on, I like to be comfortable among the folks". And I'm like "Dude you told me to wear a suit and you never mentioned we'd be outside all fucking day in December selling shit!!!" Of course I didn't say that. I just smiled and said 'oh kay!'

Oh the things a desparate quasi-college graduate will do and say to get a job.

*sigh* So this ridiculousness goes on for 7 MORE HOURS. When I finally said to the girl, "look this is insane. I'm going to call someone to come pick me up. I'm sorry for wasting your time, but I can't do this." (it was onlly 6 and we were supposed to be there from 12pm to 8pm. By this time I could clearly see my breath and my nose was frozen) And of course this didn't phase her at all, no smiled wasted, "Okay great! Well here's my keys go get your stuff!" She could kill the whole town of Fargo she was so damn chipper!

This girl seriously needs some help. She needs to get away from the retards at the office that have her believing this job is something to be doing all this work for. I mean if it was something I was truly passionate about doing like video, I wouldn't care. But come on!!! VIP Cards???

Don't call yourself an AD AGENCY if what you really are doing is soliciting shit to people who don't want it. Plus the fact that a lot of the women that answered the door yelled at us because it clearly said 'no soliciting' on the entrance to the street. They even said that cops would be called and we would be procescuted. So after the first woman said that, I was like 'whew! I get to leave now!' But oh no...Lady Bubble Alot was like 'oh that's okay, whatever, we're fine'. And I'm all 'dude I'm not going to jail for this shit!'

I knew I should have left sooner once I heard Bubbles say that she liked to 'conversate' with the folks.....repeatedly. Anyone that ignorant needs to be shot.

Oh well, learning experience...

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