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Felt a Little 'Off' Yesterday

2004-07-29 @ 12:05 p.m.

Feeling a Little Off Today

So yesterday was my first 'sick day' at work. I was extremely reluctant to call in, but I knew I would be miserable otherwise. I figured I could sleep all day and would be rested for another exciting day in the Receptionary Zone. (new term, get used to it).

Yeah, not so much. Soo apparently all the mysterious construction that I never see going on occurs when I'm at work. At the very prompt hour of 8:45 am, exactly the time when I usually leave for work. SUPER!

So after 20 minutes of putting pillows over my ears, I decided to put on my headphones and listen to music and try to sleep. But I dont have a walkman, so I attached it to my computer and put on my 'Itunes' (yes I'm that cool) But the cord doesn't quite reach, so I had to sleep half on bed/half off. Which is so comfortable, let me tell you.

Then the incessant phone calls began.

9:20 am - My mom. Ignore.

9:51 am - text message from friend, asking if I'm okay.

9:55 am - phone call from same friend, left voice message.

9:59 am - wonder how news spreads so fast...conclude that there's a conspiracy against me sleeping.

10:00 am - Work. I answer, trying to sound as sick as possible. "Hello??". It was just a co-worker, seeing if I'm ok. (very sweet of her)

12:00 pm - Mom. She leaves message saying that if I don't call back, she will come over to see what's wrong with me.

12:01 pm - call Mom and tell her that I'm fine, I just needed a day off to apparently not sleep. Tell her I'll call her later.

12:10 pm - decide I should just turn my phone off. But don't, in case work calls again.

12:12 pm - construction stops. Thank God! Realize construction workers are on 'lunch'. Take head phones off, almost drift off to sleep when maid decides this is the ideal time to vaccuum the hallway on my floor, which happens to be right next to my bed.

12:13 pm - give up on the whole 'sleeping in' thing.

The rest of the day I just chilled, ate pudding pops and just relaxed as much as I could. With some arbitrary phone calls inbetween.

Then last night I attempted to go to bed early. I woke up pretty much every hour, on the hour and looked at the clock to make sure I didn't oversleep (my biggest fear) (that, and spiders) (and snakes) (and spiders biting me in my sleep making me oversleep) (snakes don't usually do that).

Then I woke up at 5 something and looked up and I could have swornsaw a huge hornets nest above me with (hornets) flying around. I lept out of bed and ran over to turn on the lights. Of course, there was no hornets nest. It was just my yellow and hot pink light-orbs above my head. WTF? For a second I wondered how the hornets flew away so quickly. Those fuckers.

So finally I get up for work, and arrive at my usual 15 minutes early time in the Receptionary Zone. Much to my surprise, everyone knew I was out sick yesterday and asked if I was feeling better. I lied and said yes. One of them told me that NO ONE could figure out how to turn on the tv, so the tv was off all day yesterday. I was like 'you've got to be kidding me'. Apparently I am more skilled than I thought.

I am gone ONE DAY and all hell breaks loose. TV wasn't turned on, packages weren't shipped properly and phone calls were missed. Oh the horror THE HORROR!

Ugh, I need a raise.

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