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Video Proof

2005-01-10 @ 12:36 a.m.

Video Proof!

Yeah so remember that music video I shot in NYC? Now you can watch the fruits of our labor! Go to http://www.lastofthefamous.com/ and click on 'media' and then click on the video.

If you want to re-visit my recount of that shoot go HERE. Notice how kick ass the fog came out..and the bulbs work that I put in.....aaand everything else that I did...anyway shout out again to Joseph, Angel and Daryl at Wraith Films. Joseph directed, wrote and edited it and I think it turned out awesome. It should be on MTV 'advanced warning' and then on rotation. So be sure ot vote for it, or whatever it is they do. There are even more exciting projects coming up this year, and once they are finalized I will give you the info.

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