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Finally, A Date

2006-03-06 @ 9:39 a.m.

So we set a date. MAY 12, 2007.

But then Patch and Angel and I went to see 'Ultraviolet' (here from this point on referred to as 'The Film That Made Me Want to Stab My Eyes With a chloroform-Laced Q-Tip')During the previews before the above-mentioned atrocity began we saw the preview for a movie that opens on June 6, 2006. Which is of course, 6-6-6. The devil's number. I told Patch that I heard that a lot of couple's are making that their wedding date. Which is so retarded on many levels, in addition to not even being on the weekend. So then Patch said, 'well why don't you guys get married on 7/7/7? And that's when I realized Patch, if even for a second, was a freaking genius. So NOW our wedding date has been changed to the probable very popular date of July 7, 2007 -7.7.7

That is the first decision of a billion to make for this wedding. And we changed it twice on the same day. Oh boy.

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