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Photo Diary Video Day (1)

2004-06-17 @ 11:41 p.m.

Alrighty then here are the pics from the first day of shooting on the set of 'Look Back" from the band Evenout.

Here is a shot of me working my ass off, literally(...hence sitting on the stairs)..

Here I am doing the robot while waiting for the next shot. Whenever I get bored I entertain everyone with my mad dancing skills. I know it looks like Joseph is bored, but he's actually just in awe, and well, let's admit it, a little jealous of my God-given abilities of awesomeness.

Here I am playing hide n' seek with the crew. And I know what you are thinking, "Next to a tree isn't the greatest hiding place, Beth". Well.. I'll have you know that you're right. I suck at that game.

Here I am assisting with a shot. During this scene we had to get the two main characters to fake a picture that we put in a frame. My job was to show them how to smile. I don't remember what my hand gesture was all about, but I think I was just pointing to my face so they could differeniate between me and the crew (who were showing them what not to do)

Here I am working hard putting a permanent crease on the bed. The main character had to sit there during some scenes and my job was to 'keep her seat warm'. It's a technical film term used only by people in the 'biz', don't worry if you're not familiar with it, that's why I'm here to teach you these things! (you're welcome)

This scene was in the kitchen where the parents had to fake a fight. I had to prepare the actors by trying to get them upset. Here I am grabbing a very heavy sandbag, for which I later chucked at them. (we only work with 'method' actors)

And that's a wrap everybody! Good work!

I know that it seems that the pictures from this day depicted me hardly doing anything but sitting...but I assure you whenever the camera was turned on someone else I was busy doing..things...that involved not sitting and looking non-productive...yeahhhh.

p.s. I am launching my website! Check it out and give me positive feedback! All other feedback will be promptly deleted!!


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